What is exports leftover jeans / Garments? – Sharrys Online Clothing Store

In the process of manufacturing there is always a chance to face some defected Pieces. Hence to secure the required quantity of the order shipment, the manufacturer make some Extra Quantity approx. 3% to 7%. This Surplus Quantity after Export Order is called Exports Leftover Garments.

Sharry’s is an online Clothing Store that provides High Brands Exports Left over Jeans and other Garments in Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. Shaharyar Ghanchi found that there is a high demand for exports left over garments from consumer side, he start sorting for best collection from stock lots and place it on www.sharrys.pk a click away. Other than Jeans custom made t shirts, hoodies are available that has made up of exports leftover fabrics. Bold, vivid and vibrant colors High Quality Printing we do with Mimaki CJV 150-160, a highly reliable inkjet technology in the world.

sharrys stock leftover jeans includes sprite, mango, edc, zara, wrangler, Gap, Jack and jones, banana republic, bershka, and other brands that are available for sale in Pakistan garments factories.   

  1. A) As per manufacturing quality standards it is agreed that some of the surplus quantity has to make and this surplus quantity will be considered as the part of cost. After the completion of the required quantity manufacturer want to clear his store and to avoid the repairing of the defected garments, he offers surplus quantity in cheap prices. Usually the stock leftover lots are available in 30% - 50% of the actual cost of the garments. The buyer of stocks lot after some repairing and completion sell this lot to whole sellers, retailer and exporters that enjoy the benefits of low price and further sell it to consumers. Consumer also understand that the branded garments are very expensive in their retail outlets and compromise for some minor faults as well.
  1. A) Generally not all the quantity of exports leftover jeans are defected but somehow in the process of manufacturing few pieces get defected in different stages. After detailed inspection the jeans are categorized as A Fresh for ok pieces, B for small / hidden defects, and C for major defects like hole/twisted legs/color fade/and etc. some defects can be repaired and some will be count as total rejection.

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